Treatment Voyeurism. Dependence on Life Under the Camera

What is voyeurism? On French, the spelling is “voyeurism”. What are synonyms:

  • visionism;
  • scoptophilia;
  • mixoscopy.

This refers to a certain kind of sexual deviations and is characterized by physical arousal as a result of spying on naked people, or people performing sexual acts, including lifeundercam video. The basis of the deviation is imitative biology. In this case, the subject of imitation is the sexual arousal of another person. It should be noted that voyeurism can often be combined with impotence


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What may provoke the development of voyeurism watching life under cam free?  

  • Early sexual experiences;
  • Early conversations on topics of a sexual nature, as well as increased interest in the genitals;
  • Psychological trauma (usually the first or second year of life). Often as a result of a breakdown in relations with the mother, the parents’ divorce;
  • Organic inferiority of the patient;
  • Extra time paid to reallifecam video.


The main symptoms of lifeundercam voyeurism are:

  • the desire to pry the process of undressing; the desire to secretly observe the actions of an intimate nature, including sexual intercourse, masturbation;
  • the accompaniment of observations masturbation;
  • the implementation of the act of masturbation on the basis of memories of peeping.


The concern of modern experts is that a growing number of patients are not able to have sexual intercourse without additional stimulation. It so happened that nowadays the catalyst for the occurrence of erection followed by ejaculation is the contemplation of sexual objects on the screen.

There is a threat that many users are practically unable to communicate with a real partner without such stimulation. In psychoanalytic literature, voyeurism is divided into normal and perverse. The latter is manifested in the obsessive need to peer at people who are engaging in sexual activities and looking at the genitals.

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MDs and psychologists should treat obsessive fantasies, which are accompanied by sexual pleasure from the presentation of excited sexual organs and/or intimacy scenes. Especially if these scenes have a pronounced sadistic focus.

The clients, especially of reallifecam VIP, have to understand that such fantasies can give rise to an obsessive need to expose their own genitals, which becomes a ground for exhibitionism.

It is recommended to seek medical help. It is quite realistic to cure an addiction to the life under cam or reallifecam VIP but only if the person has a desire to get professional help. Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy are used in the course of healing. Remember, that complications can trigger the development of anxiety and lead to masochistic acts.

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