Reallifecam House How to Get to the Shooting

Reallifecam video is extremely popular now. But who are that people who agree to show their daily routine and sexual relations to real live spy cam?


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If you surf on the Internet, we can come across a number of catchy ads. Producers are hunting for reallifecam sex video performers. Read some examples:

  • “To participate in the reallifecam VIP we are looking for handsome and really beautiful girls. Height from 170, a perfect stature, well-groomed appearance, long hair, brunette – all these options are a must. Important! The ability to improvise and work on the tasks! 45 project days. In the application, specify the phone number.”
  • “Looking for brave people! We will come to shoot your life in any city. We launch the new season of the famous “4 couples”. For the shooting of the project, we are looking for a lot of couples who are playing a wedding in 2019 from March to October! We are looking for bright lovers with interesting weddings and passionate intimate life. Age does not matter! We need your consent to broadcast your first night after wedding the marriage to reallifecam VIP audience! The project will disclose your love story and will follow the first months of your family life.”

Who Are You?

If users agree, they must fill in the following questionnaire:

  • Full names;
  • Place of birth (state, city);
  • Residence Address;
  • Date of births;
  • E-mail;
  • Education;
  • Specialty;
  • Place of work (if working);
  • Position;
  • Special skills;
  • Civil status before the future marriage (choose the appropriate options):
    • Widow;
    • Divorced;
  • I do not live with my husband/wife;
  • In a civil union;
  • Engaged;
  • I meet with a young man/woman;
  • Single;
  • Do you have children, how many, their gender;
  • Your talents;
  • Your bad habits;
  • Your strengths;
  • Your weaknesses;
  • Items you would take with you to a desert island in case of need;
  • What are you dreaming about? What dreamed of in childhood?;
  • Remember, please, your most unusual, extravagant acts;
  • What are you ready to go to be remembered by a man/women?;
  • What is most important for you in a partner?;
  • Why do you want to participate in the show?;
  • Would you like to participate in real life cam VIP?

What To Remember?

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Modern technologies make it possible to dispose of real life cam almost everywhere: living rooms, shower, WC, garden etc. Mini-cameras for real life Leora flooded our world!

Are you ready to be under the Eye of Big Brother? And even though in our time video surveillance, of course, serves to the benefit of public safety, none of us wants to be under the watchful eye of all day. Especially when it comes to a personal space.

That’s why shooting devices can be placed behind the mirror. At its core, this is simple glass, on the one hand, covered with a thin layer of metal, which serves to reflect light (a typical feature of mirrors). On the other hand, the mirror looks like a darkened window through which directors can watch everything that happens in the room.

So think if you really need this and go ahead!