CryptoParty San Francisco

Let’s Party Like It’s 1993

Hey San Francisco, are you ready to CryptoParty?

It all goes down on Saturday, November 17 from 2-6pm at Mozilla’s San Francisco HQ, an 2 Harrison St, 7th floor. We’ll have lots of speakers, lots of free time, and we’ll be ready to have some fun.

What is a CryptoParty?
CryptoParty is a series of adhoc and decentralized events taking place around the world aimed at spreading information and know-how about privacy, security, and encryption tools. (They were kicked off in Australia by the unstoppable Asher Wolf.) Crypto tools can be opaque, and the concepts tricky, so CryptoParty is here to empower beginners and more advanced cypherpunks alike.

What about this CryptoParty?
This is the first CryptoParty event in San Francisco (the second in the Bay Area), and we’re lucky to get a great space from Mozilla to host it. We’ve lined up some great speakers too, giving talks ranging from the legal status of encryption tools, to how to set up and configure Tor, to the latest mobile privacy applications for Android and iPhone, to how to keep your email from getting Petraeus’d. But we’ve also got some time for you.


We have space to fit 100 people, including speakers, so sign up for CryptoParty SF now to make sure you make it!

Speaker sign-up

So you’d like to be a speaker at CryptoParty SF? Cool, we love speakers!

We’ll try to fit in as many people as we can, but we might need to limit so that each speaker has enough time or to group related talks together. To that end, please give us all the detail you can so we know what you want to be doing.